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The Beauty of Bronze Door Hardware

June 14, 2021

No home construction project is complete without those key finishing touches that really make the final result shine. If you’re in the process of picking out finishes, read on for why you should consider featuring bronze door hardware in your home project. Designed to last Doors and windows undergo an immense amount of wear and tear in their lifetimes, so... View Article

Childproofing Doorknob Covers and Locks

May 31, 2021

When little hands are around, it’s important to install childproofing door locks in Colorado to protect your kids and your property. From doorknob covers to creative door-locking mechanisms, there are multiple solutions for childproofing your doors. Here are some top choices from your local door hardware experts. Round safety doorknob covers in Colorado These clever devices make it a challenge... View Article

Five Best Door Locks for Apartments and Rentals

May 17, 2021

Want to increase the security of your apartment or rental? Installing the best door locks for renters in Colorado is a great way to enhance the security and appeal of your property. For the best door locks for apartments, consider the following top choices. Defender Security Lock This lock receives the best overall rating. It acts as a door blocker... View Article

How to Install a Handle Set on Your Front Door

May 5, 2021

The handle of your front door is often the first point of physical contact your guests will have with your home. As such, wouldn’t you want to make that first point of contact something that not only looks appealing but feels smooth as well? If your home’s front handle is worn or you’re simply looking for a change, there’s value... View Article

Door Knockers vs. Doorbells: Which to Choose?

April 21, 2021

Whenever you have guests over to your Colorado home, the first thing they see once they reach your front porch is your front door. In addition to serving as a guest announcement system, your door knocker and/or doorbell can provide visitors with a first impression of your home. There are many benefits to installing a doorbell, door knocker or even... View Article