Good Reasons Not to Paint Metal Cabinet Hardware in Colorado

Good Reasons Not to Paint Metal Cabinet Hardware in Colorado

September 25, 2018

Cabinet handles, hinges, knobs and pulls provide functionality and aesthetics. They even have the power to bring a room together—unless they are wearing down. Installing new hardware is a simple way to spruce up old and tired looking cabinets without breaking the bank. From shiny finishes to unique shapes to a wide selection of metal materials, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s a huge variety of cabinet hardware to choose from to match any home refreshing project.

Updating your home on a budget can mean painting instead of replacing something. However, not everything fares well under a coat of paint—including cabinet handles and knobs. Below are some good reasons not to paint metal cabinet hardware in Colorado.

It’s not a permanent fix

Painting cabinet hardware is only a temporary fix. For example, if the handles are corroded, flawed or otherwise damaged, paint only covers up the problem. Perhaps you recently painted walls, cabinets or doors and want to paint cabinetry hardware to match them better. Do-it-yourself projects and renovations are huge with homeowners, but keep in mind that, while replacing metal cabinet hardware is a good plan, painting it is usually not.

Paint won’t stay

The reason someone decides to paint cabinet hardware may be to cover up its current look. As pretty as your chosen paint color may be, the reality is that the paint on metal handles, knobs and other hardware will discolor and wear off in time.

A common train of thought is that because these items are small, it’s just as easy to paint them as it is to remove and replace them. True, painting cabinet hardware is not difficult—it’s just not recommended. Another issue is paint’s inability to adhere well to objects that go through a lot of wear and tear. What about metal-specific liquid paints and spray paints? While these work, the paint will inevitably discolor and chip off with time.


Like different types of lumber, different metals will soak in and hold paint differently. So, even if you choose the same type of new metal cabinet hardware, you might use the wrong type of paint. What’s more is forgetting to prime. A primer application encourages paint to bind well to the metal, ensuring smooth and uniform results. Primer also protects the metal against rust and corrosion. Your best bet at a uniform look for metal hardware is to select matching hardware from a local business. These pieces come ready to go with professional primer, paint and finish.

Covers intricate details

Some cabinet hardware is made with beautiful details and unique accents, and some is custom made. If you paint a knob or handle that has intricate details, chances are, any pretty markings will get covered up. A thick paint will basically fill in the grooves that make these details unique, leaving them looking flat and mismatched.

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