Are There Benefits to Handles Over Knobs?

Are There Benefits to Handles Over Knobs?

July 8, 2019

When choosing between knobs and handles for your doors or cabinets, there are pros and cons to each. So how do you know whether handles or knobs are the right choice?

Really, it comes down to design and aesthetics in most cases. There are some cases in which the design of a cabinet lends itself much more to more ornamental pulls versus sleek handles. Here’s some information to consider for you as you go about selecting your new cabinet hardware in Colorado.

Choosing between knobs and pulls

The biggest thing to consider when selecting between knobs and pulls for your cabinetry is whether or not your selection will complement the rest of the décor in your kitchen, and the overall style of the room and the home. Different types of shapes can clash, and make the kitchen feel cluttered. Colors you select should work well together—while not everything needs to be matching with regard to color, they should at least be complementary. And of course, you’ll need to consider functionality as well.

Ultimately, the kind of choice you make depends a lot on the style of cabinet you’re working with. With this in mind, here’s a quick overview of some of the different kinds of cabinet styles and how they could affect your hardware choice:

  • Flat-panel: These cabinets are most often seen in contemporary kitchens. They feature minimal design and embellishment, focusing instead on the natural materials. This makes it a good idea to use subtle hardware as well, such as steel pull bars or other minimalist hardware to go along with the less-ornamental design.
  • Shaker: Shaker style cabinets also feature a lot of simple types of designs and very clean lines, which means simple hardware is best to correspond with them. Round knobs or cup or bin pulls can work quite well in these cases. You’ll find a lot of nickel or steel knobs and pulls on these types of cabinets. If you have a more traditional style of kitchen that you want to modernize a bit, you can even use bar pulls with Shaker cabinets to add a bit more of a contemporary flair while your décor still looks traditional.
  • Distressed cabinets: Distressed cabinets generally provide a more rustic feel, so it makes sense to choose rustic hardware. Antique knobs work great with cabinets—you’re probably going to want to avoid other types of handles, especially if they have a cleaner, more modern appearance.

This at least gives you an idea of how style can affect your choice of knob versus handle, but there are other factors to consider, as well. Knobs tend to be easier to install and will never go crooked. However, they’re not always as easy to grasp as handles, and can be a bit harder to clean, so you need to prioritize these issues and consider who is likely to be using the hardware. If you have young children, for example, you might want hardware that’s easier to clean and use than if you have a child-free adults.

For more information and tips about choosing your cabinet hardware in Colorado, contact Custom Door Hardware today.

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