The Recommended Way to Disinfect Your Doorknobs

The Recommended Way to Disinfect Your Doorknobs

September 20, 2019

If your goal is to keep your surroundings fresh and clean, it’s important that you not miss an often-overlooked task: doorknob cleaning. As you dust, sweep, vacuum and mop, be sure to include doorknob disinfecting in Colorado on your to-do list.

Of course, it’s also important to do this chore properly. You might be surprised that many people don’t know how to disinfect a doorknob in Colorado. Since different methods are required for different materials, this can get a bit tricky. Use the following guide for optimal results.

Why it’s important

Doorknob disinfecting in Colorado is an essential part of maintaining clean surroundings. These surfaces typically receive the most contact of any in the home. Consider how many times you, your family and your guests grasp these objects. Yet, we often fail to clean them regularly. Bacteria, oils and dirt can quickly build up on doorknobs, which attract additional debris. To prevent the spread of germs and dirt, keep these surfaces shiny and clean.

How to do it

Once you’ve decided to add doorknob disinfecting in Colorado to your task list, it’s also important to complete this chore in the right manner. The method to use depends on the material of your doorknob. Usually, pricier doorknobs are made of higher-quality materials, and they should be treated differently than run-of-the-mill doorknobs.

For just about any material, disinfectant wipes are a safe solution. Use these to wipe down the surface of the doorknob, removing bacteria and grime. However, you might need to use a more thorough approach with some doorknobs, if they have not been cleaned in a while or if they are particularly dirty. For a deep clean, spray the doorknob with vinegar, then wipe it down with a clean cloth. For odor removal, use baking soda with a soap and water mixture; however, you should not use this on materials that scratch easily, as it can damage the surface.

It’s important to note that, while you may want to shine them up for appearance’s sake, some doorknob materials self-disinfect. Brass disinfects after around eight hours. Stainless steel and aluminum doorknobs, however, never self-disinfect. Keep this fact in mind as you choose new doorknobs and plan their maintenance.

Bonus tip

While you’re cleaning your doorknobs, why not wipe down other surfaces that are often overlooked as well? Include the other knobs and handles in your home: microwave doors, refrigerator doors and cabinet handles and knobs. For a complete clean, wipe down those light switches, remote controls and computer accessories, too!

Discover more

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