What to Do If Your Doorknob Is Getting Stuck

What to Do If Your Doorknob Is Getting Stuck

October 4, 2019

It happens every time. You try to open the bathroom door, and it sticks. There’s nothing wrong with the door itself, but the doorknob is stuck. You’re not sure how to repair a stuck doorknob in Colorado, so you keep trying to live with this inconvenience.

However, you don’t have to anymore. If your doorknob is stuck, use the following quick tips for repair. For additional information on hardware solutions, contact the experts at Custom Door Hardware:

  • Jiggle it: If your doorknob is getting stuck, try jiggling it first. The doorknob may be sticking because a specific part is not properly engaged. Jiggling it can loosen this part and allow the knob to move and the door to open. If this solves the issue, your doorknob may have a failing latch and will need to be replaced.
  • Spray it: Over time, debris or rust can build up on doorknobs and cause them to stick. Use a lubricant to spray the doorknob, then turn the knob multiple times to spread the lubricant through the hardware. If you can see rust on the knob, use a wire brush to remove it. If these cleaning and lubricating processes work to loosen the knob, you won’t need to replace the hardware.
  • Check it: Examine the doorknob and its operation. Is the latch retracted but the knob won’t turn? In this case, the latch may lack proper alignment. To free the latch, hold a flathead screwdriver against the latch and lightly hit the screwdriver’s opposite end with a hammer. If this issue continues, the latch is faulty, and it’s probably time to replace the doorknob.
  • Inspect it: If you can’t determine why your doorknob is stuck, examine it more closely. Remove the doorknob from the door and inspect the interior. Look for breaks in the parts. Check for obstructions. Use needle-nose pliers to remove any debris present. If you can see that the assembly is broken, replace the doorknob.
  • Replace it: If your inspection reveals that the doorknob must be replaced, choose a quality piece of hardware that offers durability and reliability. High-end hardware offers great return for your investment by delivering longevity. Since you don’t want to deal with sticking doorknobs in the future, it is well worth buying a quality item when you replace your old doorknob.
  • Research it: To find the best doorknob replacement, choose a quality, trusted brand. Look for products that are proven in the industry. For the best solutions to suit your decor, choose custom options that can be crafted to perfectly match your space.

Get the best

For quality hardware you can depend on, look to Custom Door Hardware. We specialize in custom hardware for doors, cabinets and bathroom accessories. All of our products are high-end custom solutions. We can order all the products in a set or individually for your specific needs. If you’re unable to repair a stuck doorknob in Colorado, don’t hesitate to contact our team. As the premier source of hardware, we can provide the ideal replacement doorknob for your space.

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