Tips for Cleaning Your Doorknobs This Flu Season

Tips for Cleaning Your Doorknobs This Flu Season

December 11, 2019

During flu season, germs abound. While you may remember to wash your hands more often and clean the bathrooms and kitchen more frequently, have you remembered to include cleaning doorknobs in Colorado on your chore list?

This is a task that is all too often overlooked during flu season. Doorknobs, especially those on bathrooms, can become significant sources of bacteria if not cleaned frequently. This season, use the following tips to keep your surroundings clean and healthy.

How to clean doorknobs in Colorado

Cleaning doorknobs in Colorado isn’t a complicated chore, but it should be done properly to ensure the effective removal of germs. You can use household cleaners or natural solutions. If you choose a cleaner, simply spray the solution onto a soft cloth and wipe down your doorknobs. You can also create your own cleaning solution with vinegar and lemon. This is just as effective as rubbing alcohol or other disinfectants, and it also adds a nice scent.

If you have antique hardware or other special considerations for your doorknobs, you may want to take extra care with your cleaning process. Consult with your local hardware experts before applying general cleaners to ensure you do not damage the finish on your doorknobs.

When to clean doorknobs in Colorado

Add this chore to your list at least once each week. It is best to clean doorknobs every three days during most of the year. During flu season or if anyone in your household is sick, you should clean the doorknobs daily.

Where to clean doorknobs in Colorado

Of course, it’s a good rule of thumb to clean all your doorknobs, especially during flu season. However, you should focus on bathroom doors in particular, as these are most likely to become infested with germs and spread the bacteria to others.

What else you should clean

While you’re making a list of tasks to keep your home flu-free this season, consider other items that you should clean. Think about all the items in the home that you and your family members frequently touch.

Cabinet handles, drawer pulls, stair railings, remote controls and light switches top this list. They are also often neglected when it comes to cleaning the home. Other common germ-ridden areas include keyboards, hand soap bottles, telephones, toilet handles and garage door openers. To keep these surfaces germ-free, use the same method recommended for cleaning doorknobs in Colorado. This may sound like a lot of work, but each task only takes a few seconds. A quick wipe-down of these surfaces will be well worth it if it prevents illness.

Get more tips

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