What Are Door Rosettes and Doorknob Rose Plates?

What Are Door Rosettes and Doorknob Rose Plates?

December 20, 2019

Most people don’t think twice when using doorknobs, but there are a lot of complicated mechanisms and components that work together to make doorknobs and locks work properly. However, most of these mechanisms are hidden to improve the security and aesthetic appeal of a door. Door rosettes and doorknob rose plates are designed to conceal purely functional mechanisms and serve as decorative elements that boost the appearance of a door. Read on to find out how to choose a door rosette and a doorknob rose plate in Colorado.

What are rosettes and rose plates?

Rosettes and rose plates are both designed to disguise locking mechanisms. Typically, one side of the door is equipped with a door rosette and the other features a doorknob rose plate. Door rosettes are small, circular pieces of hardware that fit around doorknobs to hide the internal door mechanisms. Doorknob rose plates are rectangular or oblong pieces that fit around doorknobs and have an opening for keys. Because these components are designed to be both functional and aesthetically appealing, it’s important to consider your options carefully when you’re shopping for doorknob rose plates and rosettes.

Choosing door rosettes and doorknob rose plates

Despite the fact that all door rosettes and doorknob rose plates are designed with the same basic purpose in mind, there is a lot of variety out there when it comes to design, material and cost. There are several important factors to consider when shopping for these pieces:

  • Material: The material that door rosettes and doorknob rose plates are made of is very important. Not only does the material make a difference when it comes to how these pieces look, it also affects the durability and longevity of the door hardware. Door rosettes and doorknob rose plates come in bronze, nickel finish, brass, zinc and more. Regardless of your preferences, it’s possible to find doorknob rose plates and door rosettes in Colorado made with the materials that are perfect for your preferences and needs.
  • Design: The design of doorknob rose plates and rosettes is another important factor to consider. You’ll find a wide variety of designs, ranging from Victorian-inspired pieces to modern hardware. Look for door hardware that matches the style of your home to create a consistent aesthetic.
  • Cost: Door hardware can vary widely in cost, so make sure you set a budget before you begin shopping. There are many options at different price points, so it should be easy to find a door rosette and doorknob rose plate in Colorado that works for your budget.

Doorknob rose plates and rosettes

Find the doorknob rosettes and rose plates that match your unique sense of style with help from the experts at Custom Door Hardware. We specialize in custom hardware options that are designed for style, functionality, durability and longevity. Regardless of what your style preferences may be, or what your budget is for door hardware, our team is here to make personalized product recommendations that are perfect for your needs. Reach out today to learn more!

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