What Doorknobs Are the Most Antimicrobial?

What Doorknobs Are the Most Antimicrobial?

February 19, 2020

There are certain types of facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools, where building designers will take greater steps than they would in other types of buildings to use materials that are conducive to a highly clean, sterile environment. One example of a small feature that can make a big difference is antimicrobial door hardware in Colorado.

When you consider how many people use doorknobs and handles in public facilities on a daily basis, it’s not particularly surprising that they harbor a lot of germs and bacteria. In medical environments especially, it is important to cut down on opportunities for germs to proliferate as much as is possible. For this reason, antimicrobial doorknobs are great features to implement. These are doorknobs and handles that have been designed with a unique surface that will kill over 99 percent of all harmful bacteria, so long as you keep up with regular cleanings.

Copper is the ideal material

What researchers have found is that copper is the ideal material for creating a doorknob that is resistant to or actually able to kill off germs and bacteria. Researchers have noticed copper suffocates germs, stopping them from feeding. It has been shown in studies to be highly effective at preventing the spread of the flu virus, E. coli bacteria, MRSA and more. This is a benefit found in any type of door handle that has a higher percentage of copper, including bronze and brass.

Beyond just preventing the spread of germs, though, copper provides other practical and aesthetic benefits. Consider the following:

  • It looks great: Copper has a bold, timeless appearance that will never go out of style. Bronze and brass door handles and knobs have been used for a very long time because they are highly versatile and look great in just about any home. You’ll never run into a circumstance in which brass or bronze have worn out their welcome—they’ll be around forever.
  • It lasts long: Copper is a very long-lasting material, which is good, because why bother installing a door handle only to have to replace it every few years because it starts to get tarnished? That’s just a waste of both money and time. Copper-based door handles hold up to long-term usage, and are certain to last much longer than the majority of the other fixtures in your home. In old homes, you’re much more likely to see original door handles than just about any other kind of feature.
  • Cost effective: Brass and bronze door handles and knobs give you outstanding durability and aesthetics at a bargain barrel price. You simply cannot beat it in terms of cost effectiveness.

If you want to implement door handles and knobs that are effective at killing or halting the spread of bacteria while also remaining durable and looking great for many years to come, you can do no better than copper-containing metals like brass and bronze. We encourage you to contact the team at Custom Door Hardware today for more information about your options for antimicrobial door handles in Colorado.

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