Why Light Fixtures Are Important to Set a Mood

Why Light Fixtures Are Important to Set a Mood

February 5, 2020

You might rarely pay them much attention, but light fixtures are crucial elements in any home. On top of providing just the right amount of light for a room, light fixtures help set the mood throughout your Colorado living space. If you’ve ever wondered, “How does lighting affect mood?” then keep reading. This post will teach you everything you need to know:

  • Proper illumination: First and foremost, light fixtures have to provide the right amount of lighting. A room that’s too dark might give off a creepy or unwelcoming vibe. At the same time, stark fluorescent lighting is unappealing in nearly any setting. Find light fixtures that give off just the right amount of light to create a warm and homey feeling in your house.
  • Complement existing décor: The right light fixtures will look natural in your living space. For example, an elegant chandelier wouldn’t look out of place hanging in the dining room. However, it might seem a little strange in a children’s bedroom. When shopping for new light fixtures, it’s vital that you picture in your head where the piece will go and how it’ll look among all of the other furnishings in your home.
  • Showcase important features: Light fixtures aren’t always just about functionality. Sometimes, fixtures can be used to highlight important or unique features of your home. For example, shelves with built-in lighting can highlight rare, exciting or expensive items that you like to display in your house. Come browse our showroom at Custom Door Hardware to see all the different kinds of light fixtures and how each could be used in your home.
  • Flexibility is crucial: Light fixtures with dimmer switches are always a good idea, as they allow you to choose the amount of light for the right light fixtures and mood. You can easily go from a bright room for dinner preparations to a low-light situation for a romantic evening in your Colorado home! Talk to a lighting professional about getting dimmer switches set up throughout your home.

Why buy from our store?

With the new year comes the perfect time to update your lighting. Here’s why you should shop at Custom Door Hardware instead of one of those big box stores:

  • Great brands: We carry fixtures from top brands, so you can rest easy knowing that your fixtures will set the mood and look fantastic in your home.
  • Helpful employees: Wandering through a showroom and looking at all the different light fixtures can be a mind-boggling experience. Luckily, our staff members know all about the relationship between light fixtures and mood in Colorado, so they’re available to answer any of your questions.
  • Fair prices: There’s no need to overpay when you shop with us! At Custom Door Hardware, we guarantee our prices are much more competitive than you’ll find at any other showroom in town.

Along with knowing how lighting can affect your mood, our Colorado team members can help solve the lighting issues in your home! Stop by today and check out all the top-of-the-line products we carry.

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