The Best Handles for Sliding Glass Doors

The Best Handles for Sliding Glass Doors

April 2, 2020

Interested in upgrading the handles for your sliding glass doors? You’re going to have a lot more options for sliding door handles in Colorado than you might expect as you browse the market. Here are just a few examples of some of the best specific products you’ll likely come across:

  • Gordon Glass Co. Kit: For approximately $73 you can get a well-made sliding door kit with components that should stand up to years of daily use. It features smooth locking and unlocking (both when using a key and the thumb latch), and if you want, you can find a non-keyed option if the key feature isn’t something you think you need. It’s easy to grasp, highly versatile and reversible. Just note that some users have reported vague setup instructions.
  • Rockwell Charlotte: Coming in at around $55, the Rockwell Charlotte is perhaps the best value you’ll find on the sliding door handle market. It comes in six different finishes to match just about any kind of décor you have in your home, and can fit either a three- or four-bore hole, which makes for a smoother installation process. It’s durable enough to hold up for long periods of usage, offers plenty of finger clearance and has a very simple thumb latch mechanism.
  • Slide-Co Black: The Slide-Co Black comes in at just about $25, and thus has a much simpler design than some of the other options on this list. Some might consider its appearance dated, but it does have a retro look by design. It has a faux woodgrain paneling, a long-lasting anodized finish and features an interior pull constructed from extruded aluminum with a steel latch.
  • Slide-Co Diecast: Another option from Slide-Co, this one is usually sold for around $36 and is highly popular due to its low cost and simple installation process. It comes in a bright white finish and has a steel latch activator with easy locking and unlocking. It has a sturdy sort of feel and comes with all the hardware you need. Just be careful during use, because users have reported the paint can chip over time.
  • Slide-Co Pull: You won’t find a simpler sliding door handle option than the Slide-Co Pull. Coming in at just $12, this is a plain, fuss-free option that will fit with just about any kind of décor. It’s specifically designed to be used with flush-mount locks. It has a polished chrome finish and is both lightweight and large, coming in at about 10 inches long.
  • Prime-Line Products C1176: Coming in at about $28, this product is comfortable and features no sharp edges. Its two-inch projection allows it to fit even large hands, and is particularly useful for people who have arthritis or other conditions that can impact grip. It comes in brass or white options, is compatible with a wide range of mortise locks and offers a good value for the price. The main reported drawback is that the included screws can be a bit cheap.

For more information about the best sliding door handles in Colorado, or to check the brands we have in stock, contact the team at Custom Door Hardware today.

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