How Dirty Do Door Knobs Actually Get?

How Dirty Do Door Knobs Actually Get?

May 27, 2020

As you can imagine, door knobs and handles are some of the most germ-ridden surfaces in homes and commercial spaces. Countless people touch the handles throughout the day, leaving behind all sorts of different germs and viruses. One study conducted by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute found over 1,000 different bacteria colonies on 27 different door handles on campus.

Some of these germs can be very harmful to our health. The flu virus, MRSA and E. coli bacteria are just a few of the germs that can be found on dirty door hardware. This post will teach you more about dirty door handles and help answer the question, “How dirty do door knobs actually get in Colorado?”

How bacteria spreads

Our hands, mouths and noses are teeming with all sorts of different bacteria. When we touch a surface, like a door knob, those germs get transmitted to the surface. The next person who touches that knob has a high likelihood of picking up the bacteria we just left behind. The problem only worsens when people touch their faces after touching the door knob. This process goes on and on throughout the day, potentially infecting hundreds of people.

The best door knob material for bacteria

Door knobs in Colorado get really dirty, but not all door hardware is created equal. Studies show that knobs and handles with high copper content, like brass, are less-friendly surfaces for the dangerous germs mentioned earlier. One study performed at a hospital showed that copper-based handles had 95 percent fewer germs than other materials.

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