How to Care for Crystal Door Hardware

How to Care for Crystal Door Hardware

June 19, 2020

High-quality door hardware can last for generations, so long as it’s properly cared for. Of course, the kind of care you perform on your door hardware depends on the kind of hardware you have. Different materials have different cleaning methods and maintenance tasks you must perform, so it’s important to understand how to give the best care and maintenance to the specific type of hardware you have in your home.

Crystal door knobs are quite popular, and add a bit of luxurious flair to any Colorado home in which they’re installed. However, their translucent appearance can make it difficult to tell exactly how dirty they are—do crystal door knobs actually need to be cleaned?

It’s important to know that crystal does act as a dust magnet. It’s easy for dust to build up on crystal, but go unnoticed because of its appearance. The delicate nature of crystal means you need to be careful with the materials you use to clean it. Certain types of chemical cleaners are likely to be too harsh for crystal—you should instead use a mild detergent or a white vinegar, or a combination of both.

Vinegar is particularly effective for cleaning and sanitizing the knob, just as you would do with glass. It also helps to eliminate streaking and water spots, which is why it’s commonly chosen for glass tables and mirrors.

Here’s a quick overview of the process you should follow when cleaning your crystal door knobs and hardware:

  • Create the solution: Fill a bowl with warm water and a few drops of the mild detergent you’ll use, then add about a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar. You might need to adjust the quantity depending on how large of a bowl you’re using, but this should be a sufficient mixture.
  • Prepare your cloth: Submerge a lint-free cloth in the solution and prepare to clean. You can also use a bottle brush you’d use for a baby bottle.
  • Scrub: Using the cloth or brush, scrub the door hardware until you have removed the dirt and hit all of the areas.
  • Rinse: When finished scrubbing, rinse the door knob and hardware with warm water, and then pat it dry with another clean, lint-free cloth. It’s important to use lint-free cloths for the cleaning and drying process so you don’t leave any little pieces of cloth behind on the hardware, which could attract additional dust.

It’s that simple! Once the hardware is fully dry, you can inspect the doorknob and make sure it doesn’t have any patches of dirt remaining on it. By using vinegar, this process will not only clean, but also disinfect, which is highly beneficial for high-touch surfaces like door knobs.

To learn more about some simple cleaning and maintenance tasks you should perform on your door hardware and how to clean your crystal door knobs in Colorado, we encourage you to contact Custom Door Hardware with any questions you have. Our team is happy to provide you with further information about maintaining your specific kind of hardware.

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