Trying to Decide Between Door Hardware Options? Here's a Helpful Guide

Trying to Decide Between Door Hardware Options? Here’s a Helpful Guide

August 20, 2020

Your door hardware does double duty: it secures your home while also giving your property the look you want. Door hardware includes the lock, latch and handle, so whatever you choose will have a significant impact on your family home.

What type of door knob should you use in Colorado? It depends on your basic needs. Here are some types of locksets to check out:

  • Passage: Passage door knobs are the most common type, often used between kitchens and pantries or other less private rooms. They’re also used on closet and bedroom doors, depending on how the occupants feel.
  • Keyed: Obviously, keyed entries offer the most privacy available. They’re lockable on both sides and can only be unlocked by a key, which means that these are standard for exterior doors. Use keyed entries for your most precious possessions and spaces.
  • Privacy: Privacy locksets are used to keep people out of offices, bathrooms, bedrooms and more. Usually, the lock is deployed by a small button, but there may be room for a small key, which allows people to access the room even if the door is locked and someone is in distress.
  • Dummy: Dummy locksets actually do not have any locks at all. In fact, when you install them, they will look just like regular door knobs with locks, but only have a knob on one side. They give users the appearance of privacy but will not actually prevent intrusion, nor can you use them in two-way passages. They’re often used for shallow closets.
  • Deadbolts: Deadbolts are great for security and come in both double- and single-cylinder models. Single cylinders can be unlocked from the inside by turning a knob, whereas double cylinders need to be unlocked with a key from both sides.

Which type of door knob is right for you?

Deciding on the right type of door knob in Colorado depends on your doors, the rooms they’re installed in and your expectation of privacy. Obviously, you wouldn’t set up a dummy lockset on your front door, nor deadbolt your closets unless you have a reason for higher security in that area.

The type of door also makes a big difference. For example, if you’re choosing locksets for double doors, you’ll likely need two sets of locks. Glass doors, on the other hand, usually require double-cylinder deadbolts so that burglars cannot break into the home simply by breaking the glass, then turning the knob.

The direction your door opens also makes a difference (if it swings out with a right-handed door knob, you’ll need to avoid locksets for left-opening doors). Keep that in mind when researching and ordering hardware.

Finally, please keep in mind that even if two products have the same finish and code, they may not be an exact match if you’re buying from more than one brand. The same goes for trying to match your door hardware to your appliances (although you can get close).

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