Five Reasons to Install Lever Door Handles

Five Reasons to Install Lever Door Handles

October 2, 2020

Installing door levers rather than doorknobs offers many advantages. While some customers prefer the aesthetics of levers, others choose them for purely utilitarian reasons, especially if accessibility is an issue at home or work. If you’re starting over with door levers due to a custom-built house or major remodel, it’s a great chance to create a friendly and accessible space. Here are five reasons why you should get a door lever in Colorado:

  • Accessibility: There’s a reason why you find door levers more frequently in assisted care facilities and retirement homes—they are easier to manage for people facing mobility issues. Gripping a doorknob becomes difficult in time, especially if you have arthritis. If you plan on aging in place at home or have a physical disability, door levers installed in bathrooms, bedrooms and even the kitchen will make life easier.
  • Easier for kitchen doors: Kitchens are high-traffic places that often get messy. If you need a doorknob for a pantry or other kitchen closet, door levers are easier. Just as people with limited grip strength or mobility can use them, you will also find them easier when your hands are wet, greasy or covered with flour. Door levers are designed for those situations where it’s not always easy to grip a doorknob and activate it.
  • Quicker access: Anyone who has struggled with a doorknob while pushing a wheelchair or carrying something heavy can appreciate this one. Lever designs allow doors to open from a latched position so you can nudge them open with your elbow if you are carrying items or attending to a disabled person or small child. There is no struggle to juggle multiple tasks at once, and you can design doors to open better with momentum to help you transport goods and people more quickly.
  • Meets ADA standards: If you are looking at an easy way to make your workplace or business more accessible, lever door hardware is an excellent option. Install levers on offices and bathrooms and this will be one less difficulty for disabled workers or clients. You may need to look up exact standards or hire a contractor with ADA training to ensure compliance, but this is often a cost-effective way to start designing a more disability-friendly workplace.
  • Offered for several applications: Basically, wherever you install a door, you can use a door lever. This includes indoor as well as outdoor applications. For outdoors, make sure you choose materials that weather well, and make sure you watch their components so they do not corrode. Outdoor door levers sometimes require more care. If you install them on a main entrance door, choose the most secure options and add a deadbolt. There is no reason to sacrifice security for accessibility, as today’s hardware is compatible with thoughtful design.

Whether you seek door levers or doorknobs in Colorado, Custom Door Hardware is here for you. Our featured manufacturers offer many options to help you make the right decision. Call or visit today to see what we offer.

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