How to Choose Style or Security with Door Hardware

How to Choose Style or Security with Door Hardware

December 18, 2020

Sometimes, the little details are the ones that matter most. Believe it or not, things like door hardware can make a huge difference when it comes to the style and curb appeal of a home, but front door hardware is important for more than just aesthetics. In fact, it’s a key aspect of home security and safety.

Balancing security and appearance can be difficult when choosing front door hardware. If you’re wondering whether it’s necessary to choose between style or security with door hardware in Colorado, keep reading for some advice to help you choose hardware that gives you the best of both worlds.

Door hardware that balances style and security

There are lots of different brands and models to choose from when selecting front door hardware. Some hardware emphasizes style, while other hardware is designed with security in mind. So, can door hardware be both stylish and secure in Colorado? There are lots of door hardware options that balance both of these priorities to provide homeowners with the best safety and style for door hardware. Here are a few of the most common types of door hardware and some of the biggest benefits of each:

  • Mechanical handles and deadbolts: If you’re looking for a secure, sleek front door handle without any of the hassle or confusion of dealing with Bluetooth or smart hardware, mechanical handles and deadbolts are the perfect solution. Quality handles and deadbolts offer great security for homes. There are single- and double-cylinder deadbolts, depending on your preferences. Double-cylinder deadbolts require keys for both the handle and the deadbolt. This involves some extra locking and unlocking when leaving and returning to the home, but it is also more secure.
  • Electronic and smart locks: Electronic and smart locks provide keyless entry, which is ideal for people who want technological optimization and the best security possible. Electronic locks range from keycode entry to smartphone integrated apps that allow remote entry, but they all provide streamlined entry without the use of physical keys. Some of these locks can be installed on a DIY basis, but others are more complicated and require professional installation.
  • Handle only: Getting a handle without a deadbolt is a great option for homeowners who have keyless entry, but still want the style and appeal of classic door hardware. Getting a keyless entry system and a sleek handle means you don’t have to choose between style or security with your new door hardware in Colorado. This option gives homeowners the best of both worlds with an advanced security system and a classic look for door hardware.

Style or security with door hardware in Colorado

Don’t feel like you have to choose between style or security with door hardware in Colorado. Instead, reach out to the team at Custom Door Hardware for hardware that offers the best when it comes to functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal. No matter what your needs may be, our team provides the highest quality products available to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call today to learn more about our inventory of quality hardware.

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