Five Tips for Selecting the Correct Door Handles and Locks

Five Tips for Selecting the Correct Door Handles and Locks

March 30, 2021

It’d be nice if buying new door fixtures was as easy as picking out a set from the local hardware store. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Colorado homeowners need to put some real thought into it when shopping for new door handles and locks.

The good news is that the experts at Custom Door Hardware are here to help. Continue reading to learn the best practices for selecting your new door handles and locks.

Home style

Before doing anything else, consider your home’s overall style when shopping for new door hardware. Door handles may seem small and insignificant, but mixing and matching styles can make your home look a little strange. For example, hardware in a contemporary style isn’t a great candidate for a colonial-style house.

If you ever redecorate or renovate your home, you might want to consider upgrading all of your door hardware. This step will help ensure a cohesive appearance throughout your space.

Knob or lever?

Now that you’ve decided on a style, you’ll need to choose between a knob or a lever for your interior handles. This choice generally just depends on the homeowner’s preference, but you also might want to consider who lives in your home when shopping for door handles and locks in Colorado. Levers are easier to open, so they’re great for families with kids or those who have grandparents living at home.


The door’s function plays an essential role in choosing the right hardware for it. Closet and hallway doors can be outfitted with a non-locking lever or knob. However, you’ll need hardware that locks for bedrooms and bathrooms. If there are any rooms in your home that are off limits to kids or guests, a keyed lever or knob is a good investment.

Door thickness

A thicker exterior door often means better home security, but be sure to take your door’s thickness into account when choosing door fixtures in Colorado. Some door hardware doesn’t come equipped with the necessary kit to accommodate those thick dimensions.

As long as you have your door’s dimensions, one of the staff members at Custom Door Hardware can help ensure you don’t accidentally purchase hardware that won’t work for your thick door.


There’s no reason to break the bank on new door knobs, so be sure to keep your budget in mind while you’re shopping for new door hardware. That said, you often get what you pay for when it comes to door hardware—the higher-end pieces often look better and last longer than their cheaper counterparts.

Shopping around and weighing all of your options is a good way to ensure you get the perfect hardware without hurting your wallet in the process.

Buy your door hardware from us

Whether you’re choosing door fixtures for your entire Colorado home or a single room, shop at Custom Door Hardware. We have a vast inventory of door hardware crafted by some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Call us today to learn about all of your options.

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