How to Choose the Perfect Hardware for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Hardware for Your Home

March 10, 2021

Choosing hardware for kitchen cabinets or a newly remodeled bathroom is something a lot of people look forward to. Details like door knobs and drawer pulls are some of the most fun design choices in what can be a very stressful process of renovation or building. However, choosing kitchen hardware can end up being surprisingly difficult! There are so many options for materials and function, and so many small changes that can make a big difference to how your home ends up looking. Here are some tips for picking out the best kitchen hardware for your Colorado home.

Knobs vs. pulls

The first decision to make when choosing kitchen hardware is whether you want knobs, pulls or a combination of the two. Going with all knobs is a good choice if you have invested in gorgeous cabinetry or you have a beautiful backsplash as a major design element in your kitchen. Knobs are generally small, so they’re more subtle than pulls, and will allow other design elements in your kitchen to shine. Pulls, on the other hand, can be a practical choice because they are easier to use than knobs. They can also keep your cabinets cleaner for a longer time, and come in a lot of bold designs.

Combining knobs and pulls

Using both knobs and pulls is a great option, but be sure to combine then in a way that doesn’t look chaotic. For example, use knobs on all upper cabinets and pulls on all lower cabinets. You can also choose to have knobs on all doors and pulls on all drawers. These options will help your space look put together.

Knob and pull sizes for cabinets and drawers

There are endless options when it comes to size and placement of pulls and knobs on your cabinets. If you’re having trouble deciding, be sure to work with a professional for their expert opinion on what would work best in your space. A good rule of thumb to note is that the larger a pull is, the more contemporary it looks. Smaller pulls are more traditional. These days you can get pulls that are the length of an entire cabinet door or drawer. For longer drawers, it’s best to use longer pulls so they’ll more functional. Choose a pull that is about a third of the length of the drawer if you want it to be easy to open.

When deciding where to place your knobs and pulls, it’s a great idea to use painter’s tape and put it where you’re thinking of installing the knobs or pulls so you can see how they might look before starting to drill.

Get the best kitchen hardware in Colorado

All of these tips are really just suggestions. Choosing kitchen hardware is a personal choice, and you should go with what you think looks best. If you need help deciding on the best kitchen hardware for your home, contact the experts at Custom Door Hardware. We offer the best in custom, high-end door hardware, cabinet hardware and bath accessories, and look forward to helping you find just the right pieces for your space.

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