Door Knockers vs. Doorbells: Which to Choose?

Door Knockers vs. Doorbells: Which to Choose?

April 21, 2021

Whenever you have guests over to your Colorado home, the first thing they see once they reach your front porch is your front door. In addition to serving as a guest announcement system, your door knocker and/or doorbell can provide visitors with a first impression of your home.

There are many benefits to installing a doorbell, door knocker or even both in your home, and we will cover some of them in this article.

Door knocker

  • Look: Door knockers are quite customizable, and you can use several different types of metal and a nearly infinite number of designs to suit your own personal taste. A metal door knocker can offer a rustic or regal feel that a doorbell may not be able to replicate.
  • Function: Since door knockers are typically made of metal and can be protected by an exterior storm door, they are quite durable. This, along with their ability to work as intended without electricity, makes door knockers the more reliable guest announcement system.
  • Ease of installation: Because they don’t have to be hooked up to your house’s power grid, door knockers are much easier to put in than a doorbell. Regardless of whether your installation is a through-the-door mount or a surface mount, a trip to the hardware store, some screws and a drill is likely all you’ll need to put in a door knocker.
  • Cost: The cost of the materials and installation of a door knocker would be considerably less than that of a doorbell. You could even install a door knocker yourself because it doesn’t have to be hooked up to the wires in your home.


  • Sound: The sound of a doorbell is much louder than that of a door knocker, and can be transmitted to wherever you would like by way of a speaker. You can also customize the sound itself, which isn’t really possible with a door knocker.
  • Ease of use: It’s much easier for someone to simply push a button than it is to reach up and physically knock with a metal door knocker. You can also place the button at any height or location you desire, whereas the door knocker must be located in the upper middle part of the door.
  • Customization: New technology has offered some cutting-edge options when it comes to customizing your doorbell. You could put in a smart doorbell that’s equipped with a camera that sends you a notification and live video anytime someone rings your doorbell. There are other customization options as well, such as the style of the button casing, wired or wireless and whether you’d like a pull chain or a button that can be used to activate the doorbell.

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If you feel stuck debating the merits of doorbells vs. door knockers, you might consider putting in both. Taking a hybrid approach and implementing a doorbell and a door knocker allows you to reap the functional benefits of a doorbell while still getting the aesthetic benefits of a door knocker. You also allow your guests the ability to choose which one they would like to use when they visit your home. When looking for a door knocker in Colorado, be sure to give us a call at Custom Door Hardware. We will not only have the style of door knocker you’re looking for, but we have hundreds of door handles as well, allowing you to craft a front door that provides a great first impression.

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