Childproofing Doorknob Covers and Locks

Childproofing Doorknob Covers and Locks

May 31, 2021

When little hands are around, it’s important to install childproofing door locks in Colorado to protect your kids and your property. From doorknob covers to creative door-locking mechanisms, there are multiple solutions for childproofing your doors. Here are some top choices from your local door hardware experts.

Round safety doorknob covers in Colorado

These clever devices make it a challenge for toddlers to open a door. Grasping the doorknob requires placing your fingers through holes in the cover; this requires the use of both the thumb and pointer finger, meaning it requires a good amount of dexterity and hand strength. The result? Most small children can’t open the door. The down side? It might be difficult for some adults too, especially those who suffer from arthritis.

Pinch protection/door stoppers

These solutions keep the door slightly ajar. This provides several advantages: 1) It acts as a pinch guard, so children won’t hurt their fingers in the hinges of the door; 2) it also prevents the child from opening the door any further than the small crack that the device allows. Additionally, because it keeps the door slightly ajar, it helps with air circulation.

This is a great option to keep kids out of certain areas of the house. It is also a great choice for pet owners, because the small crack in the door can allow cats to enter and exit freely while babies cannot. However, this is not a good choice for doors you desire to close fully, such as the bathroom.

Top door lock

If you need an innovative method for childproofing door locks in Colorado because your kids are good at circumventing other methods, this might be a good option for you. This solution is designed for the top of the door, so it is out of the reach of children. It fits standard interior doors and is easy to install. It can be locked and unlocked from both sides of the door. It also offers an extension wand to help adults who are shorter in stature reach the lock.

Door Guardian

For those who are seeking more than doorknob covers in Colorado, this product offers a double-duty solution. It prevents kids from exiting and prevents intruders from entering. The device can be installed on an exterior door and prevents children from being able to open it. When it is the lock position, it also prevents anyone from opening the door from the outside.

The device is installed on the door hinge (out of the reach of children), and it is designed so that children cannot operate it. To open, adults must slide the mechanism out and open to unlatch it. Available in multiple colors, the Door Guardian offers a relatively attractive solution that is also very durable and effective.

We’re here to help

When it’s time to install childproofing door locks in Colorado, contact your local experts at Custom Door Hardware. Our team provides the knowledge and experience you need to effectively upgrade your doorknobs and doorknob covers in Colorado. All of our products are high-end and customized to meet your specific needs. Give us a call today to get started.

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