How to Install a Handle Set on Your Front Door

How to Install a Handle Set on Your Front Door

May 5, 2021

The handle of your front door is often the first point of physical contact your guests will have with your home. As such, wouldn’t you want to make that first point of contact something that not only looks appealing but feels smooth as well? If your home’s front handle is worn or you’re simply looking for a change, there’s value to knowing the basics of handle set installation.

Whether you consider yourself handy or not, with the right tools, a little patience and some elbow grease, you could install a front door handle at your home in Colorado. All you’ll need is the door hardware, a cordless drill, a chisel and a screwdriver.

Step 1: Putting in the latch assembly

When performing this step, make sure the beveled side of the latch is facing the door jamb. The latch should be pushed back when you close the door. Many doors are made with a cut-out portion on the side to allow the faceplate to slot in. If there is not a space cut out, you’ll have to create one by tracing the faceplate onto the door and removing the necessary wood with a chisel. When the latch assembly is put in, hold off on screwing in the faceplate until later.

Step 2: Putting in the handles

Once the latch assembly is put in place, you should slot the door handle with the attached cylinder into its proper place. Make sure the handle is lined up with the holes in the latch assembly so it works correctly. When it’s secured in place, maneuver the opposite handle to secure the connection between the two handles. The handles can now be tightened into place with two screws. These are usually located on the “locking” side of the door. Check to make sure the handles are facing the correct direction when you turn them.

Step 3: Securing the faceplate

As you’ll recall, we did not fasten down the faceplate earlier when installing the latch assembly. Assuming the faceplate fits snugly into the space for it, you can now tighten it down using your cordless drill and a pair of screws.

Step 4: Installing the deadbolt

If your door lacks a faceplate indent for the deadbolt, you can create one the same way you did above. Once you have space for the faceplate, slot the latch bolt into the upper cross bore, ensuring that the top is facing up (usually there’s an arrow on the latch bolt serving as an indicator). Once that’s done, screw the faceplate in to secure it. Put in the deadbolt mechanisms on the inside and outside of the door, ensuring that the keyed cylinder portion is on the outside of the door. The inside thumb turn of the deadbolt should point straight up when it’s unlocked and point diagonally towards the door jamb when it’s locked.

Step 5: Install the strike plate

Using two small screws, install the strike plate, making sure the curved edge is facing the way the door opens.

Call for a new door handle today

Now that you know how to install a front door handle, in your Colorado home, visit the team at Custom Door Hardware to pick out your new hardware. We have all kinds of door handles, deadbolts and fixtures, and can assist you with a handle set installation if you aren’t feeling confident in your home improvement skills.

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