Why You Should Use Invisible Smart Deadbolts

Why You Should Use Invisible Smart Deadbolts

June 28, 2021

Technological innovations can improve every facet of our lives, including those routines that you might not even think about that much on a daily basis. Deadbolts are the main mechanism that keeps your family and valuables safe and protected—but it is possible to upgrade your deadbolt while still maintaining a low profile.

Here’s why you should consider using an invisible smart deadbolt in your home.

Convenience of smart locks

Smart locks offer an easy and convenient way to check whether your home has been locked up, which could be especially reassuring for those who tend to be forgetful. You’ll also be able to review the history of when your door has been locked and unlocked. While smart locks do require some level of tech savviness, most smartphone apps have been designed with an easy learning curve. Smart locks are also a great solution for temporarily allowing access to your home for friends or service technicians.

How invisible smart deadbolts work

Invisible smart deadbolts work with the existing, traditional key of your home, so any deadbolt can be turned into a smart lock. The door will look exactly the same on the outside because the smart hardware is installed on the inside. You would still be able to use your traditional key as a backup, so you never have to worry about being locked out if your smart lock loses power. The main difference will be being able to control the locking mechanism through an app, a fob, voice activation or other smart features.

Unobtrusive and discreet design of invisible smart deadbolts

While invisible smart deadbolts offer all the benefits of smart locks, they can do so without disrupting a home’s exterior design. No matter what your door looks like, its appearance will be preserved and undisturbed. Not only do invisible smart locks blend in seamlessly with the home’s aesthetic, but not announcing their presence to the world has a functional purpose as well. This subtlety can be practically advantageous because invisible smart locks are less noticeable and, therefore, less vulnerable to cyber threats than locks that obviously contain smart technology.

Integration with smart home technology

If your home already uses a digital assistant, adding smart locks would be a logical progression. You’ll be able to take full advantage of a smart lock’s advanced features. This may include automated locking or unlocking, as well as personalized notifications for unexpected events. Adding a smart lock to your smart home technology can provide that extra peace of mind that your home is safe and secure, no matter what time it is and how far you are from home.

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