How Changing Your Door Hardware Impacts the Value of Your House

How Changing Your Door Hardware Impacts the Value of Your House

July 15, 2021

There are a lot of home improvement projects you can take on that will have an excellent return on the investment and improve the value of your home. Most of the time, when we think of these value-adding projects, they come in the form of large remodels, such as kitchen or bathroom remodels, or major infrastructural repairs, such as new roofs, HVAC or electrical.

However, there are plenty of small projects that can help you improve your home’s value (and aesthetics). One of these is upgrading your door hardware.

Yes, door hardware increases the value of a house

You might not immediately think of new door knobs as being an attractive feature for potential buyers, but it’s true—new hardware has some aesthetic appeal that makes it a nice feature to show off to people as they tour your home, looking to potentially make an offer.

Prospective buyers will absolutely notice old, rusted door knobs that do not function properly or simply appear to be out of style. While it might not be enough of an issue for them to decide against purchasing a property, replacing door hardware is at least an opportunity to make a stronger impression.

Subconsciously, a person who sees door knobs and hardware in poor condition could wonder how much other aspects of the home have been neglected over time. If you have actively replaced or maintained your door hardware, this shows a keen attention to detail and a great deal of care in the quality of your home and its upkeep. When even those little details are taken care of, it’s an indication that you have been a responsible, meticulous homeowner.

The aesthetics of hardware upgrades aren’t the only reason to be proactive with door knob improvements. Changing the hardware also provides upgrades to your home’s security. Newer types of door knobs have greater security features, which can be attractive to buyers. New buyers may switch out the locks anyway, but they can keep most of the hardware in place when doing so. If they care about the security of their home, they’ll be pleased to see high-quality hardware in place to afford a stronger level of security.

Choosing door hardware

Once you decide to replace your door hardware, you’ll have your pick of a wide range of options on the market. The best place to start is by determining the architectural style of your home and how that could influence the designs you choose for your hardware. If you have an older style of home, you might choose a more decorative, ornate or antique style of door hardware. This isn’t to say the hardware itself needs to be old, just that the style itself should probably complement the interior design of your home.

Likewise, if everything in your home is modern and sleek, you should choose hardware that matches that.

In some cases, you might decide lever handles are a better choice than knob handles, which is another factor to consider, particularly if you need to make certain rooms more easily accessible.

For more information about how door hardware can increase the value of your house, or for other considerations to take into account when upgrading door hardware, get in touch with the experts at Custom Door Hardware today.

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