Choosing Metal for Cabinet Hardware

Choosing Metal for Cabinet Hardware

January 21, 2022

When looking to invest in new cabinet hardware, it’s important to explore the many different possibilities. Common metals used for cabinet hardware include polished brass, antique brass, bronze, stainless steel and nickel—and each type of metal comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Read our guide below if you’re having trouble deciding on the right type of hardware for your cabinets:

  • Nickel: Nickel is one of the most popular options for cabinet hardware because it has a modern look and comes in several different polish varieties. If you decide to invest in nickel hardware, be sure it’s lacquer sealed, as this will help protect it from tarnishing.
  • Polished brass: This is an excellent option for those who love that golden look. Polished brass looks great on just about any wooden cabinet and doesn’t age as quickly as other materials. Polished brass features a lacquer coating that may fade over time.
  • Stainless steel: If you’re looking for something that goes with just about anything, consider stainless steel hardware. Stainless steel is durable and easy to polish, making it a popular option for outdoor kitchens. Even if scratches appear on your stainless steel hardware, it’s easy to buff them out. Stainless steel hardware is more expensive than most other options, though it’s usually worth the extra cost.
  • Bronze: Bronze is another type of hardware that offers many options when it comes to finishes. Thanks to this, it’s easy to find the right bronze hardware for your cabinets. Like stainless steel, bronze is durable, especially against corrosion. You don’t have to worry about humidity tarnishing bronze hardware.
  • Antique brass: Antique brass is another popular option, as it goes great with rustic-style kitchens. This metal is usually low maintenance, making it the perfect hardware for a busy homeowner.
  • Matte-black hardware: This is one of the coolest and sleekest types of hardware available. While matte-black hardware doesn’t go with all types of cabinets, it’s perfect for those going for a modern-looking kitchen. If you’re looking for something unique, go with matte-black hardware.

Which metal hardware should I go with?

It depends on your exact needs and wants. Think about the current style of your kitchen, and decide what metal would look best. It’s also important to consider how much maintenance each type of metal requires. Do a lot of research on any hardware you’re considering.

Invest in new hardware for your cabinets

If you’re ready for a change to your kitchen, buy some new hardware for your cabinets. Installing new hardware is a quick and inexpensive way to update your kitchen without paying for expensive remodels. Just make sure your contractors use top-quality hardware made with care.

At Custom Door Hardware, we offer some of the best hardware options around. We have a huge selection of different options, so you’re sure to find the perfect hardware for your cabinets. The best part is, all of our top-quality hardware is available at fair prices. Contact us today for help finding the best hardware for your needs.

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