The Best-Looking Doorknobs to Spruce Up Your Space, According to Designers

The Best-Looking Doorknobs to Spruce Up Your Space, According to Designers

March 30, 2022

Door knobs are a small, often overlooked part of any design in a home or other space. They can change the way a space looks and feels, help add a quick update, and they are relatively inexpensive — even luxury door knobs cost less than a renovation. Knowing the hip trends can help you find the right knobs that are in the now to update any space.

What Is the Current Trend for Door Hardware?

There are so many options for door hardware, but black and matte are always in style no matter what. Black matte door handles and hinges match any décor, style, or age home and are a great, low-maintenance option. Instead of a high shine finish that needs to be polished to look great, matte black is simple and elegant and looks great with any type of wood or any paint color.

Brass is another great option. This is a bit more on the classic side than contemporary, but it can still result in gorgeous hardware that makes your home look and feel like a million bucks. Brass knobs will look stately and elegant and will complement warm paint and wood tones throughout your home. You can get simple brass knobs that are free of design and frill, making them simply elegant, or you can get vintage-inspired knobs that are full of filigree and scrollwork, making them little works of art.

Chrome is the last trend to consider. Chrome knobs bring together the old-world feel that brass has but marry it with the new contemporary look of the matte black. Chrome makes a home look sleek and modern, and it looks great with cool tones. Chrome knobs look traditional, but they also feel modern, a great juxtaposition that really does resonate with designers and homeowners alike.

Which Is Right for You?

There is really no way to say for certain which is best without looking at the knobs and visualizing how they will look in your home. When all else fails, taking a knob home from the store and holding it up around your home is a great way to see how they look inside your home. Having trends to follow is great, but in the end, it really does depend on what makes you happy and your taste and preferences.

There are so many great trends for door hardware and door knobs, taking the time to look at a few examples and really visualize how they will look in your home is a must. A quick change of door hardware can update your home without costing a fortune, and you can update all the knobs in your home for a few hundred dollars and give a fresh look and a fresh perspective on things.

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