Review of Different Window Hardware Finishes

Review of Different Window Hardware Finishes

June 22, 2022

Window hardware is a small part of the overall home design but comes with an amazingly big impact. The hardware finish you choose affects the look of your home, along with its functionality and the security of the windows. 

What Are the Different Window Hardware Finishes?

Window hardware comes in several colors — from black and canvas to white and stone. However, if you want to add a more elegant touch to your home, metallic finishes are worth considering. The shine and warmth of a metallic finish nicely emphasize the shape and lines of the windows. Moreover, when choosing different window hardware, you should ensure your choice complements the other room elements. Below are some window hardware finishes:

  • Polished finishes: Bright shiny, polished finishes have an extremely reflective surface. These finishes add radiance to the room and are mainly popular in bathrooms. To minimize fingerprints, we recommend designs without large flat areas.
  • Satin and brushed finishes: Traditionally, satin finishes use an electric plating to soften the metal’s look, while brushed finishes undergo a brushing process to achieve a similar effect. These finishes are excellent in hiding watermarks and fingerprints, making them a great option for door hardware, kitchen cabinet hardware, and other high-use hardware.
  • Living finishes: Living finishes refer to finishes that oxidize and change color with time. Often, living finishes darken, but they can lighten regularly touched areas. In outdoor conditions, living finishes turn to attractive turquoise green. 
  • Lifetime or PVD finishes: Lifetime finishes, also known as PVD finishes, undergo a high-tech plating process that results in a sturdy finish. These finishes are ideal for outdoor use, particularly for buildings near the coast. Lifetime finishes are more costly than standard finishes; however, they significantly enhance the durability of the hardware. These finishes do not easily discolor or tarnish.
  • Antique brass finishes: Closely resembling the appeal and appearance of natural brass, this hardware finish has golden and brown tones giving off a warm, attractive appearance reminiscent of the Victorian days. However, its high-gloss finish exhibits modernity, making it a flexible option for most homeowners. Antique brass finishes are ideal for your windows if the interior is filled with stone and wood elements.
  • Bright chrome: Bright chrome has a smooth, mirror-like finish that makes any interior design element a statement piece that fits well within a contemporary home; This makes sense for your window replacement if your interior has a neutral color scheme.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze: This hardware finish is suited for specific home styles, mainly the Tuscan and Mediterranean. Its dark brown tone look is particularly good with warm colors. Oil-rubbed bronze living finish, which implies it changes with time to give it a continuously evolving look as you use the hardware.
  • Distressed nickel: Distressed nickel finish is ideal if you want something exceptional for your standard replacement window. Its rustic vibe is increasingly becoming a popular design element, and more so in urban areas.

Mixing finishes

Mixing finishes is an ideal way to add interest to spaces and give your house a more appealing look. Nonetheless, not all finishes look appealing together. The best way to make your finishes blend nicely is to ensure the finishes you use have either a cool or warm undertone. Using warm and cool finishes close to each other often clashes. Some wonderful finish combinations are:

  • Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel 
  • Black and Antique Nickel 
  • Bronze and Satin Brass 
  • Black and Satin Brass 
  • Bronze and Antique Brass

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