2022 Kitchen Remodel Trends

2022 Kitchen Remodel Trends

July 22, 2022

One of this year’s most popular home improvement projects is the kitchen remodel. If you are one of the many people focused on updating your kitchen, you’re probably wondering about kitchen remodel trends in 2022. We have found these 2022 kitchen remodel trends to be effective ways to give your kitchen a beautiful look that will make this area of your house both functional and beautiful!

Beige + Gray = Greige

If you haven’t heard about greige yet, you are in for a treat! This hot, new color combines beige with warm gray to create one of the most soothing colors ever made! It is a perfect shade for cabinets, accessories, and flooring. If you want your kitchen to be on-trend and also feel warm and welcoming, then greige is for you! This color is also perfect for adjoining powder rooms too.

Backsplash Colors and Trends

White and other neutral shades remain popular and on-trend in 2022. One of the newest trends when it comes to updating kitchens is taking tilework up to the ceiling. This is a great way to give your kitchen a luxurious look and make cleaning a whole lot easier too! Geometric designs in black and white are also a good, updated look. If you want something more colorful, try using colored tiles in a more subtle approach, kept to the immediate backsplash area only.

Marble Countertops and Waterfall Islands

Marble remains incredibly popular, with more people opting for this material for their countertops, backsplashes, and even flooring. It looks amazing on waterfall islands too! A waterfall island is fast becoming a must-have for any homeowner that wants a well-designed kitchen. This is a perfect way to achieve modern, clean lines while adding functional space for cooking and meal prep.

Cabinet Hardware

The latest trend in cabinet hardware and other finishes is unlacquered brass. This metal can help to add some warmth to kitchen spaces while also providing an additional design element. Other metals such as copper and gold remain popular as well. Just be sure to choose a matte finish or one that isn’t too shiny! The hardware you choose can give your kitchen anything from a sleek and modern look to that of a French farmhouse. It’s a great way to add some creativity and personal panache to your kitchen.

Working Pantries

The working pantry is one of the fanciest yet most practical 2022 kitchen trends. In addition to storage for food and cookware, these spaces are the perfect spot for appliances like double ovens, coffee stations, and beverage coolers. If you design your working pantry with sufficient counter space, it is also a perfect place for meal prep. Window panel doors leading into the space provide a finished look while keeping your overall kitchen area bright and sun-filled!.

If you are updating your kitchen this year, these trends can help you create an efficient and gorgeous space that your whole family will surely love!

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