How To Choose Kitchen Hardware

How To Choose Kitchen Hardware

July 8, 2022

Updating your kitchen cabinet hardware is a simple way to give your kitchen a fresh new feel without breaking your pockets. However, with so many different sizes, finishes, and styles, you may be wondering how to choose kitchen hardware.

Choosing Kitchen Hardware

There are several tips for choosing kitchen hardware that should help the process go a bit smoother for you. Cabinet hardware is like jewelry in your kitchen. It’s the final accessory that completes any kitchen look. However, many people tend to overlook this small detail, especially when going through a kitchen remodel.

Cabinet Pull or Knob?

How can you choose between a cabinet pull or a knob? Typically, this depends on your own personal preference. Some people may opt-in for the appearance of a cabinet pull. They are available in many sizes and shapes. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer, since both are great options. A cabinet pull can be a lot easier to use and can look great on your kitchen cabinet, but it can also be more expensive. Cabinet knobs are less expensive and smaller in size.

Choosing Cabinet Hardware Size

Selecting my kitchen hardware should be easy, you say, right? When choosing the right size, a good place to start with is determining the size of your kitchen. Oversized hardware only works in larger kitchens. On the other hand, smaller-sized hardware will work best in smaller kitchens, since it won’t overpower the cabinets.

Choosing the right one really just depends on your kitchen and what it can handle. If you enjoy the look of a pull that is oversized but don’t want to overpower your kitchen, you can try mixing up different pull sizes of the same design.

Choosing Cabinet Hardware Finish

Always remember to consider your cabinets, fixtures, and appliances when deciding on cabinet hardware finish. For example, if you choose brass cabinet hardware, it is one of the trendier options and extremely popular. Chrome, on the other hand, works well with various cabinet colors if you like something that will pack a bit more punch. Other options to choose from are:

  • Glass cabinet hardware
  • Ceramic cabinet hardware
  • Oil rubber bronze cabinet hardware
  • Copper cabinet hardware
  • Iron cabinet hardware
  • Black matte cabinet hardware
  • And more

Cabinet Hardware & Colors

Kitchen cabinets are available in a variety of colors. For example, you can find white cabinets to make a great addition for bolder and unique kitchen cabinet hardware. White cabinets will make your hardware stand out and work great with matte black hardware. Farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware is not just limited to black. Chrome knobs and pulls are also great choices.

If you want to add a trendy touch of elegance to your kitchen, you should consider installing brass cabinet hardware with gray kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, traditional wood-toned cabinets look great with iron hardware since the iron sits beautifully against the darker shades of cabinets.

If you have shaker cabinets, you should know that they work great with almost all cabinet hardware styles because they are classic. They are a blank canvas and an excellent way to showcase trendy hardware.

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