Best Materials for Bathroom Faucets

Best Materials for Bathroom Faucets

August 22, 2022

Are you asking yourself, “Which material should I use for bathroom faucets?” One thing for sure is that no bathroom remodel project is complete until the final bathroom fixtures have been installed. As a matter of fact, many people may be surprised to know just how much something as minor as the bathroom faucet finish can impact the bathroom’s entire appearance.

Best Bathroom Faucet Materials

The best materials for bathroom faucets are those that will last a long time, are durable, and won’t leak. Here are some of the best material finishes you can choose from for your bathroom.

Silver-Toned Bathroom Faucet Finishes

Silver-toned bathroom faucet finishes are a lot more popular than gold tones because they go with just about any décor. The most common bathroom faucet finish is chrome. However, nickel is a step up, and even stainless steel has become even more popular in the bathroom. Nickel is darker than chrome, and stainless steel contains more blue undertones. Remember, every finish comes with its own set of benefits.

Gold-Hued Fixtures

Bronze, brass, and copper are all made from copper. They are attractive and all naturally antimicrobial. Copper surfaces have been shown to kill up to 90 percent of live bacteria such as E. coli and MRSA. Each of these materials offers its own benefits but also contains unique colors. For example, brass is similar to gold and is considered a yellow metal. Copper, on the other hand, features a more red hue. Overall, gold-tinted bathroom finishes are a lot more costly than silver-toned finishes.

Matte Black Finishes

Matte black finishes have become extremely popular in recent years. They are offered as a unique alternative to metal finishes. Luxury brands often offer these designs, but more mainstream brands offer traditional and contemporary-styled faucets and accessories in a matte black finish.

Matte black finish is versatile and goes with just about any accessory. It is entirely easy to clean and doesn’t reveal grime, dirt, fingerprints, or water spots. However, it can be quite more costly than most metal finishes.

PVD Bathroom Finishes

When looking at bathroom faucet finishes, you may notice that some finishes contain “PVD” on them. PVD stands for “physical vapor deposition.” It describes the application method used to secure the finish to the faucet. These faucets are a bit pricier than other faucets. Most designers will certainly agree that PVD is the best bathroom faucet finish option and is worth the price. PVD finishes are more resistant to corrosion and scratching.

Keep in mind that some companies will have fewer designs available. However, if you are looking for a basic single handle or center set faucet with a PVD finish, you will probably be able to find a design you adore. PVD finishes will last years longer than a non-PVD finish. However, it can become damaged by certain household chemicals such as those used to remove rust, so tread lightly.

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